Hi there...

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My name is Elaine and I’ve surprised myself in enjoying making these mixed media heads and torsos.


It all started a few years ago when I found a foam ball in the garden seemingly left by a fox. Instead of just throwing it away I decided to do something creative with it and covered it in some old buttons.


I found that I really enjoyed it and found it quite therapeutic to make something with my hands - and the end result looked rather attractive!


From there, I moved from balls to heads, firstly covering them in buttons but then adding more metal items which give them a more masculine look and appeal. 

Nowadays I'm always on the lookout for interesting and strange discarded objects such as old clocks and jewellery that I either find or buy secondhand. 


So my hobby has escalated and a year or so ago I began selling my pieces through an art gallery in Esher in Surrey. 

In 2018 I got through the first round at the Royal Academy with two of my head pieces. One was called ‘Dali‘ and the other ‘Evil Devil‘. This was absolutely a dream come true for me, and whilst I didn't get through to the final stages, it has inspired me to carry on and I plan to enter again in the future.


It is always such a thrill to find that people like looking at my art and even better if they want to buy one of my pieces. Every item is unique and I try to add personality and give them a name, based on what inspired me to create that particular piece.

They take many hours to make but one of the joys is that you, the buyer, can add your own special things to it to personalise it further if you wish.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking a look around. 

Elaine Reason